We at Vahterus have defined four values in our Dynamo strategy: Customer is number one - Will to succeed - Eagerness to innovate - Family Business. Here are some thought on the latter two.

Eagerness to innovate

One of the base values of Vahterus’ strategy is ”Eagerness to innovate”. In the world of heat exchangers it sometimes feels, that finding new technological solutions is a slow process, at least when compared to for example electronic technology. The PSHE or Plate & Shell heat exchanger technology is still quite new in many heat transfer applications, after another 26 years. To our delight, we still keep finding new applications, where PSHE technology brings significant benefits to our clients - when compared to for example shell & tube heat exchanger solutions.  The development of these new applications almost always requires changing and improving the Vahterus PSHE technology.

Examples of the latest developments include the development of economically advantageous Combine or VES flooded evaporators combined with droplet separation of vaporized liquid. Another advancement is controlling high pressure gases or vapor pressure losses in PSHE heat exchangers. The third is the methods used for welding exchanger plates, and ensuring high quality results.

All of these developments are results produced by our ongoing processes and focal points of our R&D. This requires both theoretical knowledge and practical testing in the laboratory. We plan to invest even more into our research and development operations, so that our PSHE products would solve your heat exchanger needs even more efficiently and economically in the future.

One of the key factors in continuous improvement is nurturing the enthusiasm of the entire company staff. Last year, each of our employers submitted almost three initiatives, with the aim of improving our operations, processes, machines, equipment etc. We are still one of the machine shops that generate most initiatives in Finland.

On the pages of this magazine, we will tell you how our organization is being developed to better meet your needs, our dear partners.We are hungry for continuous improvement.

Family business

This is one of our core values. I dare to take this topic into my editorial, because over Easter I received a message of sorrow after my mother passed away at the respectable age of 93. My parents’ encouragement and support have meant a great deal to me, especially in the beginning of my career as an entrepreneur. Not to forget my own family and others close to me. We have seen some difficult times, but also enjoyed many moments of joy together. Looking after your close ones, being active in the local community, justice and patriotism were the guiding principles that my parents instilled in me. They are values that give us all today a lot to think about, a lot to learn from. These are also values that can be applied to running a family business.

Together we succeed,
Mauri Kontu