Vahterus is the forerunner of Plate & Shell heat exchanger technology and a company known for its innovativeness.

Vahterus is the forerunner of plate & shell heat exchanger technology and a company known for its innovativeness. Technology developed by Vahterus is utilized worldwide in various demanding processes in the oil and gas, chemical and process, energy and refrigeration industries. With headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Kalanti, Finland, Vahterus has subsidiaries in the U.K., Germany, China and the U.S., and employs over 200 people. The share of export is over 90% of the company’s total sales, and since its establishment in 1990, the company has experienced strong growth.

Local and Global

The origins and headquarters of Vahterus are in Kalanti, where Mauri Kontu established the company in 1990. It is no coincidence that the origins of the company lie in Southwest Finland as it is from the strong industrial history of the area that gives the company not only its name but entrepreneurial spirit, will to succeed and international drive.

Quality and Commitment

We at Vahterus know that sustainable efficiency and quality throughout the heat exchanger's life cycle requires integrity and commitment. The innovativeness and high quality of Vahterus products arises from continuous product development from production to design, automated production technology as well as strong process know-how. The strong focus and success in R&D shows in the multiple new products and technological innovations presented to the markets. Technological frontrunnership of Vahterus is based on the eagerness and motivation of the Vahterus team to continuously improve operations and develop heat exchanger technology to meet the demands of our customers. Several global patents and awards granted for innovative design and environmentally friendly products are a token of the success of our development efforts.

The entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to continuously develop has brought about strong growth since Vahterus was established in an old sheep barn in Vahterus village (part of Kalanti). Special know-how and motivation that has driven the company forward from its start-up, still forms the basis of Vahterus' operations today. The commitment at Vahterus stems from its family business oriented values and the people at Vahterus who want to build technology towards a sustainable future.